Building your balance

Heidi Vanderwerff, LCSW-C - Four Corners Counseling and Wellbeing

By creating a safe space and a relationship based on trust, respect, understanding, and humor, together we can bring out your best self.

I am present to listen, provide encouragement, and guide. I promote a balanced life, and knowing that you are the only expert in your life, empower you to find balance---in health, relationships, and inner peace. I integrate different therapeutic approaches to address barriers and assist you in moving forward on your goals.

It takes courage to reach out and I am honored you are willing to let me into your life journey for a time!

Supporting young adults

Young adulthood is a time of unique pressures, but also exploration and decision-making to create a strong future for yourself!

My work with young adults includes:

  • Defining career interests
  • Life transitions
  • Increasing self-care routines
  • Establishing healthy saving and spending practices
  • Setting boundaries and enhancing communication in friendships and partnerships
  • Exploring the influence of past experiences on today’s thoughts, feelings, and actions to increase self-knowledge moving forward

I really look forward to listening and guiding you into a thriving future!

Struggling to find your vocation and work-life balance? Contact me about my new Developing a Meaningful Life Group for Young Professionals.

Mom’s maintaining balance

As a mom, I am always striving to find a healthy balance for myself as my children grow and change. This process begins early in pregnancy as your body adapts to new life and your household prepares to expand in new ways. Although it is considered a normal stage of family life, the emotions, memories, and fears can feel anything but normal. The pressures and expectations of this time can be overwhelming to sort through.

I am a specialist in supporting new moms manage the concerns that arise in pregnancy and parenting. Together we will identify your natural strengths and create a holistic support plan as you grow into this new role. Areas of focus include emotional, physical, relationship, and spiritual health.

I look forward to supporting you on this adventure, sharing insights and humor as you fully embrace motherhood.

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I think my biggest takeaway in therapy has been to be kind to myself.
— Shana, 30
Life with 4 kids does not slow down, but when I am able to implement the practices discussed in our sessions, I see positive results. Heidi is wonderful!
— Elizabeth, age 36



  • Catholic University of America clinical coursework, 2013
  • University of Michigan Master’s in Social Work, 2007
  • Calvin College Bachelor’s in Social Work, 2006


  • Mental Health Therapist, Innovative Clinical Associates, Silver Spring, MD
  • Clinical Social Worker, St. Ann’s Center, Hyattsville, MD
  • Clinical Social Worker, DC Child & Family Services Agency, Washington, DC


  • Young adults experiencing life transitions
  • Maternal mental health