Kelly Tejada, LMSW

Kelly Tejada, LGSW

Clinical Degree: Social Work, George Mason University

Expertise: Couples and relationships;  substance abuse and addiction recovery; healing and integrating trauma, life transitions, anxiety and depression.

Availability: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday


The most powerful and courageous action you can take while feeling intense emotional pain is to be willing to ask for HELP. We are not meant to work through feelings of isolation, depression, addiction or anxiety on our own.

I have personally found the therapeutic process to be life-changing for my own well-being. Having worked through significant personal hurdles helps me understand and empathize with the challenges you’re experiencing.

Together we can help you work through your burdens to awaken healing and cultivate a sense of joy.


I provide a nonjudgmental and emotionally safe environment in which to work through individual struggles, couples/relational conflicts, and family challenges. Therapy takes courage but it doesn’t have to be hard. It can be fun! It was fun to discover that I like oil painting, early morning walks with my dogs, and hikes on the Appalachian Trail; that I have strengths, and could learn skills to improve my quality of life. You, too, deserve the opportunity to discover yourself.

I specialize in helping couples heal from the wounds of addiction, infidelity, and emotional neglect. Often couples replay old cycles of relating. Changing the  emotional and communication energy in your relationship can have a profound impact on feeling safe, connected, and playful again. Creating emotional intimacy often leads to a more robust physical/sexual intimacy. Investing in your relationship can bring back your vitality for yourself and your partner.

I can also helping clients who have grown up in dysfunctional homes and have felt the pains of “not fitting in.” Growing up in this environment can make navigating adult relationships, family obligations and career decisions challenging. It’s best to get support. As your emotional guide, I will help you cultivate your inner strength and creativity, and help you navigate your inner emotional terrain.

I look forward to supporting you in changing your life!

~ Kelly

Kelly has a master’s degree in social work from George Mason University, and is training to be certified in Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy. Kelly enjoys working with couples, and has training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. Kelly has extensive knowledge of the twelve-step recovery process, and she has years of professional and personal experience helping those suffering with addiction and codependency. Kelly has also received training in working with LGBT adolescents, with emphasis on gender dysphoria, and  is a PFLAG supporter. Her empathic and practical approach integrates IFS “parts” work with tools and resources to live your best life.

What Clients are Saying...

“Kelly rocks! Not only does she (figuratively) hold my hand through the hard stuff, she also makes me laugh, and knows how to offer a well-placed reality check when I’m feeling overwhelmed or lost. I feel seen and heard, and gently reminded that I am doing the work that will allow me to feel happy and whole.” — Terry, Washington DC

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