Mali Jimenez, LICSW

Mali Jimenez, LICSW

Mali Jimenez, LICSW

Clinical Degree: Social Work, University of Maryland
Expertise: Anxiety; shame and low self-esteem; depression; relationship issues; teens and young adults.
Availability: Mondays and Wednesdays in DC


My spiritual practice is at the core of my life, and I am deeply passionate about helping clients learn to live and love with wisdom. I have been meditating for 20 years and have studied with various Buddhist teachers; this has provided me a rich experience in building self-awareness and discerning both healthy and unhealthy patterns in my own life. I enjoy working with clients who are engaged in the therapeutic process and are willing to challenge themselves and develop awareness of their patterns. By becoming aware, we are most effectively able to re-orient our deeply entrenched habits. It is through awareness that we bring about long-lasting change. Resistance to change and growth is a natural part of this work;I strive to create a compassionate space for you to  experience and move through all that is part of this process.

I work with professional women and men in the prime of their careers  who would like to explore ways to work with their anxiety, shame and low self-esteem, depression, or relationship issues. I also enjoy working with teens and young adults to help them manage anxiety and its physical manifestations.


My therapeutic perspective is grounded in the practice and principles of mindfulness and the integration of holistic principles into therapy. Together, we will discuss lifestyle habits including diet, exercise and sleep routines. I believe that these greatly influence states of mind, and enjoy exploring how to incorporate healthy habits into daily life. I also allow time for clients to touch in with their bodies in order to feel the physical location of  emotions. Additionally, I always encourage clients to discuss their dreams during sessions as I believe that they hold deep meaning to our interior world.

Together, we will explore and uncover both internal and external relationship patterns: those we have with ourselves as well as those we have with others. I often find that there is a significant overlap between these two areas.

I like to explore relationships from early childhood as I believe that they inform our current state of being, thinking and relating. Clients tend to experience significant benefit from  engaging between sessions, and I will ‘assign homework’ to clients who are willing. These assignments usually consist of developing a daily meditation practice and practical advice on applying mindfulness techniques to daily life.

~ Mali

Mali has a master’s degree in social work from the University of Maryland. She has trained in trauma treatment with Bessel van der Kolk, MD, a leader in the field of trauma therapy. Her mindfulness-based and solution-focused approach is effective for addressing mood disorders, trauma, relationship challenges and self-esteem issues. As a practicing Buddhist in the Vajrayana (or Tantric) tradition, Mali provides a compassionate presence and listens deeply to clients from a heart level.  She grew up in the DC area and her family lives here. Mali most enjoys spending time with her son and together they love going on adventures with their dog, Minerva.  

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