Rina Phillips, LGSW

Rina Phillips, LGSW

Rina Phillips, LGSW

Clinical Degree: Social Work, Wurzweiler School of Social Work
Expertise: Parenting; grief and bereavement; domestic violence; anxiety and depression; achieving work/life balance; life transitions; employment difficulties; spiritual and existential conflicts.
Availability: Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays in Silver Spring


Nothing will work unless you do – Maya Angelou

I believe in treating an individual in the context of their environment, using practical strategies to help drive change. I find that there is nothing like helping people experience that “light bulb” moment when they realize a great truth about themselves. My greatest passion in life is helping people to better understand themselves and what makes them tick. As a psychotherapist, I aim to help individuals uncover what motivates their behavior and strengthen their belief in themselves, to live a fuller and more satisfying life.  

Raised in El Paso, TX, and having lived in different countries, I have been trained and treated individuals from a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds.


In sessions, clients and I work to discover solutions for the challenges keeping them from living the best version of their lives.  In particular, I specialize in working with adults, adolescents, and teens struggling with anxiety and depression, achieving work/life balance, life transitions and employment difficulties, parenting challenges, and spiritual or existential conflicts.

~ Rina

Rina has a Masters Degree in Social Work from the Wurzweiler School of Social Work in NYC, earned a Bachelor’s of Psychology from Stern College, and is licensed to practice psychotherapy in the State of Maryland. Rina has been trained in Solution-Focused Therapy in the United Kingdom, and has undergone specific training in addressing the challenges of parenting, grief and bereavement, and domestic violence. This experience has made Rina a particularly effective provider of psychotherapy services for children and adolescents, mothers, and families. 

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