Addiction & Recovery

The human brain has a natural tendency to avoid pain and seek pleasure. Some brains are more susceptible to chemicals or processes that promote pleasure, which can lead to compulsive behavior and addiction. These behaviors can quickly get in the way of everyday functioning, negatively impacting both the addict and those in their life. Any compulsive behavior can become an additcion. Common addictions include alcohol and substances, or prescription pills. There are also process addictions such as gambling, food, shopping, or other compulsive behavior not involving drugs or alcohol.

What are signs of addiction?

A person may have an addiction when they are experiencing:

  • Mental or physical health issues resulting from the behavior and/or the inability to stop.

  • Difficulties with significant relationships at home and, in some cases, at work because the behavior is so disruptive.

  • Other negative consequences that are directly caused by chronic or extreme engagement in the behavior. For example, a person with a gambling addiction may gamble away the house, lose a job, and be forced into bankruptcy due to the extreme nature of the gambling. Yet the person is unable to stop engaging in the behavior despite these consequences.

If an addiction is preventing you from living your life and maintaining healthy relationships, and you are ready to address it, we at Four Corners are here to support you.

How can Four Corners help?

Hetty Irmer Barnett, LICSW has specific training in addiction, and Kelly Tejada, LGSW specializes in addiction. We are familiar with the 12-step model of recovery, and believe it has much to offer those seeking to break free from their addictions. We will also connect you with appropriate treatment services should a higher level of support be needed.

Support for Family Members and Loved Ones

The effects of addiction are not limited to the addict. Addiction negatively impacts family members, loved ones, and friends. You may be here because you live with or love someone with an addition, and you need support. Living with or loving someone with an addiction can be very painful. We cannot control other people and force them into recovery; but, we can control how we set boundaries and take care of ourselves. The team at Four Corners can support friends, family members, and loved ones of addicts. We encourage you to support your own well-being in this process.