Making the first contact to a therapist can be daunting. We strive to make it as comfortable as possible. Please leave a message on the contact form or on the confidential voicemail at 301-960-8960. Include your name, your phone number and a convenient time to call you. We will return your call as promptly as possible, usually on the same day.


In a 10-15 minute complimentary phone consultation, We will ask you to share a little about why you are seeking individual, couples or group therapy at this time, and we will answer any questions you may have about our therapy styles or practice policies.


During the first appointment, we will invite you to share more about what is going on in your life at present along with a brief overview of your current living, working and relationship dynamics. We will also ask you about what you hope to accomplish through therapy. You will get a feel for working with us as we explore these areas and more, and perhaps use some mindfulness techniques. If it feels like a “good fit” between us, we will schedule follow-up appointments. We will use the first three sessions to formulate your therapy goals and settle into our therapeutic relationship.

Success in therapy depends in large part upon a strong rapport between the client/clients and the therapist. We recommend weekly sessions when we first begin to establish a strong therapeutic relationship. Sometimes clients request (or we may recommend) sessions more often than once per week based on the presentation of symptoms.  

If for whatever reason we determine that it is just not the right fit, we will provide you with other referrals as appropriate.


When I come here, it’s my time to focus inside. It feels so good to just give myself that time.
— Sandra, Silver Spring


Insurance & Payment

Our therapists are out of network for all major insurance companies including Aetna, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Cigna, and United HealthCare. The majority of clients have some out-of-network benefits, and benefits often cover 50% or more of our fees. We recommend you check with your insurance company.

Out of network benefits vary by insurance carrier and policy, and it can be confusing. We understand. To help get the answers you need, below are some questions to ask. Or, for a nominal fee, our Office Administrator can make the call for you and gather the information you need. Just ask us; we are here to help!

1) Do I have out-of-network benefits for behavioral health?  If so, what is my deductible?  

2) Once that deductible is met, what percentage of the "usual and customary fee" for a Licensed Certified Social Worker - Clinical (LCSW-C) in ZIP code 20901 (Silver Spring office) or 20011 (Washington, DC office)  is reimbursed? (Our fees are within the “usual and customary fee” range.)

3) How many visits are allowed per calendar year?

4) Does my benefit vary if it is individual psychotherapy (CPT code 90834 for 38-52 minutes; 90837 for 53+ minutes) or group psychotherapy (CPT code 90853)?  

 Couples therapy is usually not covered by insurance.

We accept cash, checks or credit/debit card payment at the time of service. You may consider using medical spending accounts, HSA or FSA accounts, to pay for treatment.  There is no service fee for using credit, debit or HSA cards. Your card information is collected as part of the initial paperwork and is stored on a secure site.

On the 5th of each month, we will provide you with a “Statement for Reimbursement” through our secure online portal for your records or to submit to your insurance company if you choose to seek reimbursement.

Cancellation Policy

Our practice policy requires 24 hours (1 business day) notice of cancellation. If you do not cancel and do not show up for your scheduled therapy appointment, you will be charged the full cost of the session. If you cancel in less than 24 hours but we are able to reschedule within the same week, we may waive the fee. In the case of inclement weather, we offer a “liberal leave” type of policy in which clients will not be charged if they choose not to come due to safety concerns or childcare issues. If the therapist is able to work, we offer phone or video sessions so that appointments do not have to be missed.