I'm thinking meditation

I was just talking to a client this morning about this. She was describing how she feels frantic, a lot, and every time she meditates she feels calmer. It works. And like a muscle, the more you meditate, the better it works.  

I have to confess, my brain is ADD enough that it’s sometimes really hard for me to sit down. But once I do, I’m fine! So if you have this issue, too, we are fellow journeyers.

Why do I keep trying? The gifts of clarity, calm and confidence.

If you scoop up creek water after a storm into a glass jar, you have a muddy mess! But let...it...sit… the sediment swirls and settles to the bottom, and the water becomes remarkably clear. Just as our lives are stirred up all the time, with the sediments atwirl, when we meditate we get to experience greater clarity and calm. 

To achieve and have that clarity in the face of relationship challenges and worries of all sorts makes everything go with greater ease, greater connection with those around us, and greater confidence in ourselves. We know this, from anecdotal and scientific evidence. 

Take a few moments to meditate to reduce stress, boost productivity and achievement, and create calm.

I’m still not a seasoned meditator, but I keep at it, because it works. I love meditating with clients for 5 - 10 minutes together, mutually benefitting and settling for our sessions -- practicing for the turmoil of life, and gaining the calm that will help us carry on.