Living outside the box

We’re growing! 

We have a new name, a new location, and an expanded therapy team! Our new name is Four Corners Counseling & Wellbeing, reflecting my vision to offer both counseling and wellness services (coming soon!) that will help our clients heal and flourish. 

Our new location is Four Corners DC at 6230 3rd Street, NW. Heidi Vanderwerff, focusing on supporting young adults and new moms, and Candice Peggs, offering mind-body centered therapy, are seeing clients here. I will continue to see clients at Four Corners Silver Spring (the mother ship :) 

It was a process getting here. I felt drawn to expanding, and began looking for a new space in DC. I came upon a building being renovated in a growing area just south of the Takoma Metro. I liked the feeling of the raw space, the owner was kind, and I could feel a sense of possibility in the community. I could also feel the doubt. 

When we give ourselves permission to step outside the box, it can stir up anxiety. Is it safe? Is it ok? What will others think? Sometimes I wish that was not so, but it is. You have to tolerate it. One of my teachers says, “enjoy the discomfort”. Such an oxymoron! But possible, and important. 

When we step outside the box we start to feel what it feels like to trust our intuition; to give ourselves a chance to take something on and try something we haven’t before. A new goal, a new relationship, an expansion of our professional work. Stepping outside the box makes our lives bigger! Makes us bigger. 

It has a ripple effect. My two associates are so excited about the new space! A third will be joining us at the end of the summer. I’m talking with nutritionists who are excited about beginning our expanded wellness work.  

Our new space is so beautiful! Picture high ceilings, hardwood floors, green plants and gorgeous natural light. On an overcast day, we don’t even need the lights on! The windows face green space and a park. There’s plenty of on-street parking and the Takoma Metro is ¾ of a mile away. We hope you’ll like it, too.

I’m going to look back after this time and wonder how I stayed standing! But in the middle of it, there’s a grounding component to it, a calm, a rightness. I feel like this is a stabilizing process. I’m becoming more stable in my life. My roots are expanding. The space that my roots can be in is bigger now. 

I can picture settling into a new rhythm with my associates in this space, and focusing on enjoying life and spending time with the people I love. Using the Four Corners model of well-being, I’ll be living with less stress, not working Saturdays. 

How about you?