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Welcoming Whatever Arrives

Happy Fall to you! I hope you had a good summer - and that, while there were undoubtedly good moments and not-so-good moments, all-in-all it was just right for you.
I was talking with a friend over the weekend - it was Pam Holland from Mindful Decluttering and Organizing - about our lives and our work, and generally supporting one another.

As we were saying goodbye, she commented on how I had responded to her text that morning about arranging our time to talk. When she has suggested a time, I said, “Perfect!” She told me that receiving that response felt good: “I don’t know if it was the perfect time for you, or not, Hetty, but you made it work! You made it perfect!” 

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A time to float

A wise woman asked me this week: “Do you feel like you have arrived? Or are you still crossing the threshold?” She was referring to more than a year of my actively pushing through some major life events, including expanding my private practice, finalizing a divorce, and organizing a move, while caring for my daughter (and my senior dog!) through it all.

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We were made for these times

There is a lot of uncertainty in our world right now. I am keenly aware of a feeling of insecurity both within myself and in those around me. How do we make sense of the changes in our nation’s political and economic landscape? And how might they impact our daily lives? We just don’t know. Not to mention the unknown impacts of changes, often unbidden, in our work and personal lives. That not knowing can be difficult to tolerate. But what if we are up to the task of tolerating all of this uncertainty and not-knowingness?

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You are Awesome and Brave and Tenacious

It is time for a confession:  I love to listen to Delilah, a syndicated radio host who for over 2 decades has played schmaltzy love songs along with inspirational pop tunes, sprinkled with her brand of tough love advice and wisdom.   The other evening, she was reading a letter from a listener and then said to the woman, “You are awesome and brave and tenacious.” 

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What’s Good? What’s Bad?

Let me tell you about my day last Friday.  My car had broken down over the previous weekend and could not be repaired, so I had to purchase a new one.  I had found exactly what I wanted over the internet, and I was driving to pick it up when I received a phone call from the salesman saying that another sales person had sold it to someone else.  I was very disappointed, of course, because it is hard to find a car with a manual transmission that isn’t a sports car (too small and just not me) or a pick-up (too large and just not me.)  But Jay called me back and said that his manager had worked it out and to come on down.  Phew.

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