Psychotherapy for individuals and couples near Washington, DC

From Problems to Possibilities

Four Corners Counseling & Well-being is a holistic psychotherapy practice that focuses on mind, body, spirit and relationships: The Four Corners of a Thriving Life.

Our team can help you identify and confidently respond to the challenges of your personal journey, so you can live the best version of yourself.

We are non-judgmental, compassionate and practical. If you are dealing with anxiety or depression, trauma & PTSD, stressful life transitions, addiction recovery, or need couples therapy - we can help.

Life isn’t perfect, and that won’t change.
What can change is the way you respond to the challenges in your life.


Whether you’ve been clinically diagnosed or can’t shake a chronic worry  that undermines your daily life, our counselors will help you alleviate your current symptoms and develop effective coping skills for whatever life throws your way.


Separation, divorce, or loss. Life transitions impact everyone. Our team of associates can help you navigate these challenges and learn to thrive. We offer a safe space to debrief on your experiences and discern your next steps to a life of confidence and well-being.


Our approach is based on Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS), the fastest growing therapy model in the US. IFS gives clients more choices in how we experience, process, and respond to challenge situations. To be their best selves. To thrive.


Do you have the same fights over and over? Sex. Finances. Kids. Communication. There are so many reasons why a couple’s relationship might need some work. We support each of you to bring your best selves to your life as a couple.


Trauma you’ve experienced needn’t dictate your future. We help our clients process shocking and emotionally overwhelming experiences and situations be utilizing proven, mindful, body-oriented, cutting-edge therapy techniques to support your healing.


Is an addiction preventing you from living your life and maintaining healthy relationships? Are you ready to address it? Or—does someone you love struggle with addition? We can support you in creating a foundation for a new life full of well-being.

The care is real and so are the skills to help.
— Melanie, Washington, DC
As a therapist myself I can be picky about my own therapy, and Four Corners meets all of my expectations and then some.
— Robin, Rockville