Loving care, great listening.

My experience with Hetty has been really transformative. In a relatively short amount of time, I’ve made some great progress
and feel a very positive difference in my life. The combination of her skills and experience with a gentle and caring style are
very effective. I enjoy coming to therapy, and look forward to it!

I would absolutely recommend Four Corners Counseling & Well-being to anyone. I enjoy and look forward to my sessions. It helps ground and focus me, and although not always easy, I am
left feeling energized and positive for the week ahead. Hetty is an amazing therapist and I couldn’t feel better about this
investment in myself, and in our relationship and work together!
-- Erin, Silver Spring

Give yourself the gift of trying therapy.

"Hetty, my therapist, is in the moment with me, always. She demonstrates how to be emotionally present in her way of being with me. She has a lovely way of reminding me to be where I am and accept it. She helps me keep my expectations of myself reasonable so they don’t become a path to self criticism. Hetty's ability to be emotionally present and seemingly at peace 100% of the time is impressive. She shows tremendous respect for me and my journey, always asking if it is alright to process something I’ve said at a deeper level or stay with it for a while before going there. It is clear that she is following her true calling, and she inspires me to do the same." -- Robin, Rockville

Making better choices.

I see Kelly for individual therapy, and Hetty for couples counseling. These ladies really know what they
are doing! While each are different people, with unique talents and perspectives, their approach as a practice is cohesive and supportive. I am able to bring the tools that I am developing as an individual into my couple’s work, where they are supported and integrated.

Kelly rocks as an individual therapist! Not only does she (figuratively) hold my hand through the hard stuff, but also makes me laugh, and knows how to offer a well placed reality check when I’m feeling overwhelmed or lost. I feel seen and heard, and gently reminded that I am doing the work that will allow me to feel happy and whole. Kelly incorporates IFS work with a deep knowledge of Adult Children of Alcoholics behaviors and root causes. These approaches, taken together, have helped me unpack my habitual behaviors and how I got them. -- Terry, Washington DC

Humor, honesty and practicality.

Hetty offers a rare blend of compassion and practicality. I value her compassion for my feelings and focus on practical tools to
overcome life’s challenges in small steps. I love that she looks further afield to literature, media and art to provide opportunities for inspiration and reflection.

Hetty’s philosophy “if you could think your way through your problems, you wouldn’t be here” has been enormously helpful. By helping me to understand how certain thought patterns feel, rather than only thinking about them, I have been able to confront deeply rooted emotional triggers differently and break their hold over me. It took awhile to become open to this exercise, but now I am much more aware of my mood through a mind-body connection. I greatly prefer this holistic, sustainable and compassionate approach over cognitive-based therapies.
-- Kathleen, Potomac


The care is real and so are the skills to help.

Hetty is thoughtful and instills a sense of calm. She has a knack for getting to the issues under the emotions while
acknowledging the difficulty of those emotions. I feel as though she really cares for my well being and is not only listening to what I say but she really hears me. 
-- Melanie, Washington, DC

Understood, heard and challenged -- and never judged.

Hetty has consistently helped me in articulating what was swirling around inside -- helping me bring it to my consciousness and understand myself. I have grown in identifying my emotions and reactions so that I can accept and embrace them, rather than try to dismiss or change them. It's been very freeing. -- Jessica, Greenbelt

Profoundly impactful on my personal and business life.

A willingness to explore and take my spirituality seriously.

Hetty's approach has been profoundly impactful on my personal and business life. Therapy with Hetty has sharpened my self awareness and provided me with the tools to control my reactivity to myself and others.  Her non-traditional approach to therapy has been a helpful guide on my path to personal growth and evolution.  There is something "right" with you to enlist help of skilled professionals, like Hetty, to help you be your best self.  -- Brian, Rockville

I am blessed to have found Hetty as a therapist. I have been to a lot of therapists, and Hetty has offered therapeutic services that I have not found elsewhere. She walked me through a technique for visualizing my emotions that I had never been exposed to before, which was a huge breakthrough in processing painful experiences from my past. Also, as a Christian, her willingness to explore and take my spirituality seriously has contributed greatly to my healing. -- Sarah, Arlington